Toca Boca house design ideas

Toca Boca house design ideas

Toca Boca creates Toca Boca house design ideas handheld toys and other irreverent products for small children around the world. Since its first product unveiling in 2011, Toca Boca has launched 39 apps which downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries, turning it into the No . 1 mobile-first kids product in the App Stash. Its products look into sparking kids’ imaginations and creating opportunities for open-ended have fun with. With offices inside San Francisco and Stockholm, Toca Boca is actually owned by Angle Master Corp., a world children’s entertainment provider that creates, variations and manufactures some sort of diversified portfolio involving innovative toys, mmorpgs, products and entertainment properties.

For many young people, the work life associated with adults - especially adults who succeed in offices - is a mystery. By means of Toca Life: Office it doesn’t matter what grown-ups do at work all day, kids can tell reviews about office lifestyle however they imagine the application! With endless opportunities, kids can daydream up anything within the mundane day-to-day to the exciting adventure!

Generated for kids ages 6-9, Toca Life: Office encourages curiosity and empowers kids with surprises that turn a typical job towards endless wonders along with unexpected journeys. Teenagers can explore half a dozen exciting different spots and all sorts of employment. Curious about what doing work in an office may be like for an older? Use the printer to print documents or simply make copies together with the copy machine! Interested to check out what it’s enjoy for a chef to cook up the most current recipes, or along with this how a pilot flies a helicopter? Teenagers can visit the roof café to cook a custom food then head to the helicopter pad to embark on your next adventure.

Nevertheless with Toca Everyday life: Office, it isn’t just all job and no play, there are secrets be uncovered around every corner. Kids can use their creativity to turn heroes into superheroes - foil a loan company heist or help you save the city from nasty villains! Saving a universe is an fundamental job, too!

Around Toca Life: Office environment kids can:

Role-play in six spots: bank, office, rooftop, courthouse, apartment and additionally daycare
Meet 27 new characters
Look for costumes hidden Toca Boca house design ideas in different locations and move characters into superheroes
Keep valuables inside the bank vault together with set the security alarm to keep them safe
Explore the big office and discover the secret hiding areas
Pretend to be a cocinero and whip up flavorful meals in the restaurant
Hop into the helicopter and start up the propellers
Have a make-believe tryout at the courthouse
Get a secret exit inside the jail

“The Toca Life series has been designed to create Toca Boca house design ideas a great endless universe when kids can enjoy and explore, ” said Petter Karlsson, play designer with Toca Boca. “Jam-packed with secret places and surprises, Toca Life: Office provides kids even more to see! It offers both a realistic and fantastical glimpse at what exhilarating and mundane fun-based activities adults do regularly at their occupation. ”

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