Tims Ford Lake -- Everything You Need to Know

Tims Ford Lake -- Everything You Need to Know

Tims Ford Lake is some sort of reservoir finished in 1970 and operated by the Tennessee Vly Authority in the southern area of middle Tennessee. As a result of damming Elk Waterway, Tims Ford actually gets to 34 miles upstream throughout Franklin along with Moore counties.

Tims Ford Lake's Winchester TN coastline totals 246 distance, and at the comprehensive pool, the reservoir covers 11, 950 acres.

The large dam and tank construction program according to TVA, following its creation in 1933, had to purchase a few million acres involving land to create thirty four reservoirs in all five of the seven areas under the Tennessee Pit region.

Aside from power generation and entertainment, Tims Ford Lake gives water give and flood damage reduction downstream in the Elk River, mostly for Fayetteville, TN.

Tims Ford Sea Activities

Considered one of Tennessee's most wonderful and scenic wetlands, Tims Ford Sea earns the name as one of the best offshore fishing and recreational waters tims ford lake you can find in Southeast Tennessee.

You can do water sports, camping, sportfishing, and hiking inside o this idyllic lake. Tims Ford's amazing bodies associated with water are prominent among canoeists, kayakers, and anglers.

Tims Ford Lake: Swiftly Facts

Tims Frd Dam began its construction in 1966 and was finished in 1970.

A dam is 175 feet tall together with extends 1, 580 feet over the Elk River.

Tims Ford Reservoir's water tier Winchester TN ranges on 15 feet in an normal year.

A flood-storage capacity of 219, 600 acre-feet.

This hydroelectric plant contains one generating machine.

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