Just what is a Vessel Registry?

Just what is a Vessel Registry?

Let's keep it simple, simply drop at the time.

Boat registration is the system by a vessel/ship/unit registers its documents using a country gaining its nationality allowing to travel internationally. Each and every merchant ship, commercial or pleasure container, meaning that does not belong to a Nation Army fleet, should be registered in a Flag Declare country and have to comply with this Flag State Registry Laws.

These Registries can be governmental or private agencies. Let me resume “should be registered”, OK, not all usually are registered, Narcos’ Submarines or Pirates Veins are not, I guess there’s a reason why, perfect? Well, that’s the reason why to obtain a Flag State Seaman book, like Panama Seamanbook is usually requested to the seaman to have at least some sort of Security Awareness Safety Course Certificate to know how to deal with certain situations on the high oceans, we will speak about it later with another “Maritime Skills Drops”.

There are enclosed registries, that simply register ships from its own nation, they are known as a traditional or national registers. Still there are open registries, that allow yachts that are foreign-owned in addition to sometimes these registries are called Flags of Convenience.

International Laws, which the Flag State already previously had signed through global instruments such as Legal agreements or Treaties, get from the Flag Express a regulatory regulate over the ship/vessel/unit, certifying the compliance the hands down national laws too the international laws, such as: safety, environment protection, social duty, vessel documents, vessel’s equipment, crew along with their documents, team accommodation, comply with cooperate laws, etc . Those Regulatory Controls will have to be issue in paperwork by Surveyors, there is different kind of assessments, and different Class Qualification that we will explain in another “Maritime Knowledge Drops”.

Therefore , are you starting to begin to see the map of the Send Registry world, the country's regulations, the rules, but some general info?

Gambling to fill a vessel with Historic Knowledge Drops together with let's SAILS!

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First Time Registration

Transfer of Ownership

Change of Vessel Name and/or Port of Registry

Pleasure Craft Licence Renewal

National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.

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